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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Disciplines: all your vampiric powers detailed

You start with the choice of three powers, but you later unlock more ways to extract crimson goodness from your delicious prey

Bloodlines 2 disciplines

What Bloodlines 2 Disciplines can you unlock in Kindred-controlled Seattle? Each power with which you’re imbued as you navigate the bloodthirsty politics of the West Coast has multiple applications and can completely transform your dark, twisted adventure. What we’ve seen of Bloodlines 2’s gameplay so far bears this out: just like Dishonored or Deus Ex, you have multiple ways to progress in combat and traversal.

Each of the five Bloodlines 2 clans – ancient families that have the most influence over vampire society – boast familiarity with three different abilities. In Hardsuit Labs’ sanguineous sequel you start as a Thinblood, which allows you the choice between three different Bloodlines 2 abilities. Then, later in the game, you get the chance to join one of the major families, which further expands your choice of salacious skills.

We do know that the early events will introduce you to your Bloodlines 2 Thinblood abilities, but the decisions you make with them become more nuanced as the game progresses. So, here are all the Bloodlines 2 abilities we know about so far.

Here are the Bloodlines 2 Disciplines:

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Thinblood Disciplines


The most vampiric power in our book, Chiropteran is all about bats. But, while hanging upside down rather than sleeping prone in an actual bed is optional, choosing the Chiropteran Discipline means that you can glide through the air and summon swarms of your fruit-loving mates.

  • Glide: Significantly reduces your muscle mass and weight to allow you to float up updrafts to access higher areas. Can also swoop on NPCs and rain down powers from above
  • Bat Swarm: Summon bats to attack a target to disable them and deal damage


Mentalism is essentially telekinesis for the fanged parasites of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. This ability branch lets you move objects from afar with your mind which also has a good chance to letting you access distant places.

  • Pull: Allows you drag in inanimate objects from afar, be it a out-of-reach obstacle, or an enemy weapon you want to use for your own ends
  • Levitate: Suspend enemies and throw them around like a ragdoll. Can raise up more powerful enemies when upgraded


Nebulation is a Bloodlines 2 power that lets you shroud yourself into a wispy body of mist. It’s also a choking hazard, just not for you. You can also surround, blind, and choke the NPCs on whom you wish lung-clogging misfortune.

  • Mist Shroud: Envelops you in mist, muffles footsteps, and makes you harder to notice. Can also travel through tight spaces and choke targets
  • Envelop: Creates swirling cloud of mist that surrounds and forcibly enters the lungs of NPCs that touch it
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brujah disciplines


If the problem can be resolved with fists, the Brujah are the Clan to call. What they lack in diplomatic skills they make up for with punching. Invest in this skill branch to turn walls into rubble and people into many different bits of people.

  • Fist of Caine: Punch objects and people with such force they shatter into tiny pieces, throwing them in all directions
  • Earthshock: Punch the ground with such force you trigger an earthquake. Causes a shockwave that knocks down nearby NPCs


Just because the Brujah are brawny, that doesn’t mean they’re not fast, too. Celerity means that you won’t just get beaten into a bloody pulp: it’ll be over before you can blink.

  • Unseen Storm: Dash away in any direction and momentarily disappear from view to attack and dodge around foes
  • Accelerate: Reach such speeds that everything else becomes slow motion. Avoid bullets and land the killer blow before targets know what hit them

Tremere Disciplines


Thaumaturgy is an invasive Bloodlines 2 power belonging to the Tremere clan, it allows you to damage your victims by directly affecting their blood.

  • Skewer: Launches a small portion of the vampire’s vitae at the feet of their enemies and erupts in a patch of spikes
  • Purge: Makes victims vomit blood, damaging them
  • Blood Boil: Causes victim blood to boil and for the victim to explode, damaging bystanders in a large radius


Auspex allows the Tremere clan to expand their senses to detect NPCs through walls and read minds of unaware crowds.

  • Aura Sense: Spot NPCs through walls, read crowds, and mark individuals to keep tabs on them
  • Psychic Projection: Detach your mind from your body, and untethered explore the area to mark and spot characters and overwhelm the senses

Toreador Disciplines


Presence manipulates it’s audience into adoring them, using charm to freeze and numb enemies into blind adoration.

  • Awe: Strike a pose that freezes an audience into admiring you, making the audience oblivious to your actions for a short while
  • Entrance: Forms a group of admirers who distract nearby enemies


Celerity focuses on speed and movement, dashing abilities that can land rapid attacks and dodge enemies.

  • Unseen Storm: Dash in any direction at a speed that confounds the audience, knocking down characters and landing fast attacks
  • Accelerate: Speed up to slow down everything else, dancing between cars and bullets, freezing the crowd
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Ventrue Disciplines


As guardians and princes, the Ventrue control and dominate followers with hypnotic disciplines.

  • Mesmerise: Place a character in a hypnotic trance so they ignore all senses
  • Command: Extends control over the mesmerised character, ordering them to move and attack


Defensive abilities that allow you to outlast your enemy by taking defensive stances and gaining armour.

  • Absorb: A defensive stance that deflects attacks and heals wounds
  • Personal Armor: Gain harden skin that makes you impervious to attacks and knock backs attacking enemies

Malkavian Disciplines


A chaotic set of abilities that pervade enemy senses and cause them to panic and lose their mind.

Haunt: Imparts an unseen spectre in the victims’ mind, causing them to flee in panic

Berserk: Cause rage in the victims’ mind causing to lash out at anything in their way


Malkavian share this ability with the Tremere clan, focusing on spotting weaknesses in enemies and using telepathy to overwhelm them.

  • Aura Sense: Spot NPCs through walls, read crowds, and mark individuals to keep tabs on them
  • Psychic Projection: Detach your mind from your body, and untethered explore the area to mark and spot characters and overwhelm the senses

And there you go, those are all the different Bloodlines 2 Disciplines we know about so far. Remember there are plenty more on the way but, to be honest, we’re stuck on what exciting ability we’re going to choose first already.

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