Volantia is a peaceful puzzler-builder from the creators of Desktop Dungeons


Desktop Dungeons was a unique little puzzle game in a roguelike costume, challenging players to use RPG mechanics as puzzle pieces to work out their way through randomly generated dungeons. Now, its developers have taken to the sky with Volantia, a game about clicking together pieces of a floating island world to create a little living city.

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The launch trailer, which you can watch above, shows the hex-based pieces fitting pleasantly together, but that doesn’t give you the whole story. You’ll also be working to build an interlocking ecosystem of plants, creatures, and people who coexist on the floating formations.

There’s also a tech tree to unlock, and a world to explore. Based on Desktop Dungeons’ ability to surprise, there’s probably more than meets the eye.

Developers Tangled Mess Games say Volantia is “contemplative and strategic,” describing its setting as “greenpunk,” which sounds pretty appealing.

Volantia comes out May 3, and you can find out more about it on Steam.