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Warframe Railjack release date: all the latests details on the Star Trek-inspired update

From storming space ships like a pirate to decorating your ship, here's what you need to know about Warframe Railjack


When is the Warframe Railjack release date? Here we run through every detail revealed about the spacefaring update, from ship customisation to Archwing combat.

Codename: Railjack is the next ambitious step for Warframe, adding multi-crew ships and massive space battles that you can access seamlessly from the surface of a planet. Once in space you’ll be able to exit the ship via the Archwing, board an enemy battleship, and take it down from the inside. Railjack is much more than a new type of mission for you to try out too, as the new warships can be upgraded and decorated much like a Warframe, which ensures there’s plenty of depth behind that gorgeous Tennocon 2018 demo.

But there’s still lots of information we don’t know about Warframe Railjack. So, to clear up any confusion and unearth some details you may have missed from the demo, we’ve compiled this list of everything we know about the upcoming expansion.

Warframe Railjack release date

Unfortunately this one is a bit up in the air right now.  Initially, Digital Extremes hoped the Warframe Railjack release date would late 2018. This was not revealed during the live reveal at Tennocon 2018, so we asked the creative director when the team plans to have a build of Railjack out.

“I’m hoping that I can get a version of it out this year,” Sinclair revealed. “It will probably be late in the year, but wouldn’t that be a great closer to the year? We always try to do a big cinematic or dramatic update. Once the team recovers from Tennocon we’ll figure out what it’s going to take to get it out to our players.”

That never came to fruition, but Tennocon 2019 is just around the corner, however, so we reckon an update should be looming.


Warframe Railjack gameplay

What will you actually be doing in Railjack? For starters, you’ll be able to call in a massive, multi-crew warship straight to the surface of the new Venus open world. Once inside, you can take a look around and hang out with your friends, or you can take the helm and blast off towards a set location like an enemy capital ship.

While in transit you’re free to move around the ship, but you’ll be able to enjoy some stellar visuals en route as well. The demo mission sees the team arriving in the Frontier Grid Ruins sector outside Venus, which is where Fortuna antagonist Nef Anyo is keeping his fleet. Once there, one player takes the main controls and heads towards the capital ship, while the rest of the squad can swap between manning battle stations, handling enemy boarding parties, and putting out any fires on board.

Once you’ve managed to get close enough to the enemy capital ship you can board it via the Archwing. Inside, you’ll have to battle a relatively short distance to the ship’s engine room, shoot its power nodes to pieces, and set a target on the core. Outside, the rest of your crew will have to keep the ship safe against more enemy boarding parties and fighters.


When the target is manually placed on the ship’s core it’s time for one of the crew aboard the Railjack to head to the main weapon, charge up a shot, and destroy the capital ship. The final challenge is to escape the ship as it’s exploding, which effectively means spamming the game’s extensive movement abilities until you find an exit.

Railjack takes Warframe’s disparate gameplay designs and attempts to put them together to form one cohesive mode. Railjack also appears to require a great deal more cooperation and teamwork than most missions in the game, with players having to constantly swap roles and coordinate attacks over great distances in order to complete the mission.

One new feature that you’ll have to take into consideration is ship management. During the demo, we briefly see a menu screen in the ship’s command post that lets you divert energy between shields, weaponry, and engines. You’ll also be able to swap weapon systems and monitor the health of the ship’s hull, life support, and reactor.

Railjack will also have Faster Than Light-style fires. Sinclair commented that, “It’s a bit FTL, in that way that you need to manage the ship and its structural integrity, as well as flying it and manning the turrets.”


Warframe Railjack ship customisation

The warship you’ll be controlling is the Sigma Series Railjack, a multi-crew Interceptor. So far, this is the only ship of its type in Warframe, and it’s unlikely that the update will launch with any other multi-crew ships.

Creative director Steve Sinclair says the team is looking into different Railjack ship classes, but doesn’t “want to ask players to deeply invest in one thing and then say, ‘Here’s another one’.” Sinclair also said that it “took a hell of a lot of effort to get this one ship” working and balanced for the demo, so if we are getting multiple ship classes it might take some time.

Instead, the plans for Railjack ship customisation revolve around decking out the one ship with everything from decorations, colour schemes, and mods, to upgrading pieces of the ship like the reactor and weapons systems.

We also got our first look at what the Railjack’s UI will look like, take a look below:

This is a mock-up of a work-in-progress, so do keep that in mind as that means this design may change. What we can see, however, is that an icon indicates a reactor that has suffered considerable damage – a handy indication that something needs fixing.


Seeing as you’ll be using the Archwing a lot more in Railjack it makes sense that Digital Extremes is revamping the controls so that they feel as satisfying to use as they are in the rest of Warframe. Fortunately, the team is working on a new control scheme based on their findings from building the Railjack interceptor.

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And there you have it, everything we know from the Warframe Railjack release date to the gameplay itself. It’s all shaping up to be quite exciting – people often look at Warframe as ninjas in space, so adding some pirate-like fun to the mix should lead to the kind of fun we’ve come to expect and love from the Digtal Extremes space dice ’em up.