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Warframe cross save lands in Whispers in the Walls, but only for some

Warframe cross save is a reality, and Digital Extremes has announced that it's dropping with Whispers in the Walls - but there's a catch.

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One of the things I vividly remember from Warframe’s annual Tennocon event was the roar that filled the arena when Digital Extremes confirmed that cross save was, indeed, coming soon. It’s been ten years in the making, but Warframe cross save is finally dropping alongside Whispers in the Walls – but, unfortunately, not everyone will have access at launch.

Warframe‘s Whispers in the Walls update takes players deep into the bowels of Entrati’s forgotten laboratories, situated underground and filled to the brim with countless new enemies – including the geometrically shape-shifting Murmur.

With the new Grimoire weapon type, new concrete Warframe Qorvex, and two all-new mission types (Alchemy and Netracells), the ninja game‘s new update promises an awful lot. Oh, and did I mention the Tennokai Heavy Melee, which doesn’t consume the Combo Counter, meaning you get a free random heavy attack? There’s that, too.

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But aside from all of the exciting new content, the highly anticipated Warframe cross-save is arriving, too – but it won’t be an immediate process. Digital Extremes has confirmed that cross-save will start to roll out with Whispers in the Walls, and should complete by the end of December 2023. In short, this does mean that some players will get access before others.

In a press development stream, community director Megan Everett states “we know that this is a very important topic, and the one thing that I want to stress the most is that we want to do this right; we want to do it right the first time and we want to be respectful of everyone, everyone’s items, and the process it’s going to take to get everyone enabled for cross-save. It is officially launching alongside the Whispers in the Walls update in December. It’ll be rolling out in phases.”

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“It’s not a floodgate, it’s a ‘dripgate,'” creative director Rebecca Ford continues. “This is to ensure we have a measured approach to infrastructure management and potential issues.

“It’s all launching this year,” she reassures us. “We’re just going to go drip by drip to let players in gradually, rather than a swell of demand because we don’t want to risk timeouts or anything related to the sensitivities of account merging – it’s just not a sensible way to do it.”

“It’s going to start with founders, then we’ll be very transparent and communicative with our players to let them know the stages of the dripgate, and who is eligible to enable and get cross-save going for their accounts,” Everett states, likening the rollout to the Relays release back in 2014.

She goes on to confirm that cross-save trading will also be available so long as both parties have cross-save enabled, and that you can also merge accounts so that everything is in the one place. This is a one-time deal, so I’d recommend merging onto your primary account, and then linking your other profiles to that one.

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The world of Warframe just continues to expand, and Whispers in the Walls really does look absolutely stunning (I am obsessed with the Egyptian-style aesthetic). I am, however, still very intrigued by Warframe 1999, though – and not because Digital Extremes’ CEO Steve Sinclair and I agree that Arthur is a “handsome hunk.”

Until then, we have a list of all the best FPS games to keep you busy. Or, if you’re looking for more Digital Extremes goodness, check out everything we know about the Soulframe release date, and our exclusive Soulframe interview with Sinclair.

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