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Everyone will get Warframe cross save, but fixes are required first

Warframe cross save has rolled out to 100k players already, but Digital Extremes is making a few more fixes before the "drip gate" resumes.

Everyone will get Warframe cross save, but fixes are required first: An armored character with red trims holding a gun in an underwater setting looking to its right

Warframe cross save is a reality, and it’s actually happening. While Digital Extreme’s “drip gate” remains closed for now, creative director Rebecca Ford and DE CEO Steve Sinclair have confirmed that it will reopen following a series of different hotfixes, the first of which is now live.

In their inaugural ‘Devshorts’ videos – 15-minute long updates on both Soulframe and Warframe – Ford and Sinclair reveal that “over 100,000  people participated” in the December cross save launch, meaning a whole lot of the ninja game‘s dedicated players have managed to sync up all of their different accounts.

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Cross save did, unfortunately, see some technical issues during its debut though, meaning the team quickly closed it and have been working on fixes ever since. Ford describes these as “essential,” stating that the team is “fixing things before [it] reopens [cross save access].”

The first of those hotfixes, 35.0.7, has already gone live, and Ford states that there will be a few more fixes, then a series of hardware upgrades to ensure the system rolls out smoothly. Additionally, she mentions that the team “wants to increase the user experience for it – a lot of people aren’t parsing the wall of text so we want to make it a little bit easier to read.”

With a smile she concludes with “we have three things, and once those are all done, we’ll let you know. More on that next week.” Yes, it’s that last part that’s important – next week.

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While this doesn’t mean the system will be up on Monday at 9am, it may imply that we’ll see it in action towards Thursday or Friday. Sinclair, after all, seemed very perplexed that it wasn’t launching this week – is that a sign? Who knows, Tenno, who knows.

Warframe cross save was shuttered on December 22, 2023, with plans to reopen it in January 2024. The feature will finally allow you to use cosmetics that were initially only available on your PC account on your Xbox or PlayStation, effectively merging all of your accounts into the one place so that you can access everything on whichever platform you’re playing on.

While we wait for access to reopen, it’s worth checking out the Warframe system requirements now that you can use your console account on PC. Alternatively, if you’re waiting for Warframe 1999 instead, we have a list of all the best multiplayer games to keep you busy.

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