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Here’s your first look at Warframe’s new open world hub on Venus

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Warframe is hitting its fifth birthday, and developers Digital Extremes dedicated their latest livestream update to celebrating the occasion - and showing off a high-level overview of the game’s next major open world area, Venus.

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Venus is a Corpus-controlled planet, and it’s naturally very hot, so there’s an extreme form of temperature control that involves forming coolant glaciers in the sky and sending them crashing down to the planet’s surface. The melted coolant gets sucked up by cooling towers to help regulate the surface temperatures.

warframe venus open world

The exact degree to which these things affect gameplay are still under discussion, but there will be winter storms serving as level gates. There also won’t be a day and night cycle, since the Sun will simply circle Venus’s horizon.

The location is close to double in size over the previous plains, with lots more vertical space and interesting topography, with more varied valleys and vistas. Plenty of action, of course, will be happening in and around Corpus bases. Digital Extremes are also working on a more efficient way to process terrain that should offer better detail up close while reducing memory load and improving performance overall.

warframe venus open world corpus

There’s also a new culture called Solaris United, a pool of forced labour that handles processing the Corpus coolant deep underground, cleaning and refining the substance. A work in progress teaser for the location was shown for the location, along with plenty of concept art, which you can see in the developer stream above starting at roughly the 50:00 minute mark.

Expect a full reveal for Venus later in the year. The Plains of Eidolon served as the game’s first open-world expansion, and it was successful enough to help double the game’s record for concurrent players.

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WhiteCrow avatar
WhiteCrow Avatar
4 Months ago

Simply amazing.

Digital Extremes are one of the few solid developers we have left. Bold statement, I know. They genuinely try to succeed in every area of development, where other companies would simply ignore or give a paltry effort. From player interaction to engine upgrades and tricks for performance, they really care about their game and the people who play it.

I can't wait for this update. With Plains and now this, they're demonstrating that they can take the game just about any where they want, and introduce mechanics and systems we can't even imagine yet. How many developers can do the same, successfully? The game's few competitors can only hash out "more of the same" in their content drops. You never know what you're going to get with Warframe.

They deserve all the success they get.