There’s a secret trick to surviving Warzone’s Semtex

Call of Duty’s battle royale mode Warzone contains a secret technique to surviving semtex attacks, and all you need are reflexes and a riot shield

Call of Duty: Warzone, with all its perks, scopes, and underbarrel attachments, has an essentially infinite number of weapons. But there’s one – one particular, annoying, sticky little one – that guarantees to transform the fierce battle royale from fun to frustrating in just a couple of ticks: the Semtex stick.

As well as being massively lethal, the Semtex attaches itself to any surface it touches – if someone throws it on you, you can pretty much kiss your game goodbye, since all you’re left with is the choice of either running towards the opponent to try and take them with you, or flapping around in a circle, mashing buttons to try and tear off your character’s trousers. It feels like karma for Halo: Combat Evolved, and those hours laughing at the Grunts when we stuck them with plasma grenades.

Thankfully, though, a new trick has just been discovered in Warzone that can make Semtex-related instadeaths a thing of the past. All you need are a cool head, some quickfire reflexes, and a riot shield.

Make sure you have the riot shield in your equipment, and when an opponent throws Semtex at you, get your shield up and let the Semtex stick to its front. Then, you need to quickly drop the riot shield out of your inventory. The standard way to do this is to press tab to open your inventory, cycle to riot shield, and click the drop option, but obviously that will take too long. Instead, go into Warzone’s controls, and you can bind ‘drop weapon’ to its own dedicated key.

When you drop the shield, the Semtex stick will fall off it and land on the ground. You won’t have time to run away, so this is where the reflexes come in – you need to quickly grab your shield off the floor, and raise it up again in time to absorb the Semtex blast. Lord Texugo, the intrepid Redditor who discovered the trick, provides a handy demonstration video, and plenty of examples of it being flawlessly performed.

This Secret Technique Allows you to Survive a Semtex Stuck from CODWarzone

The best part of this trick of course is the fact it catches your opponents off guard – when they watch you walk away from what should be a one-hit kill, their short moment of panic gives you the opportunity to switch to your gun and dish out some vengeance. Or, for added poetry, you could try hitting them with some Semtex.