Warzone Pacific bunkers – every bunker in Season 2

The bunkers on Caldera are finally open - find out where each of the hidden locations are on the map to score loads of premium loot

A green chamber containing Nebula V in the middle of a dark room with two dead soldiers on the ground

Are you searching for the bunker locations in Warzone Pacific? Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Season 2 is the biggest update to the battle royale game since Caldera replaced ‘80s Verdansk. In addition to the KG M40 assault rifle and Whitley LMG, the map has been updated with new locations to explore. Caldera’s locked bunkers and hatches are open to anyone, if you know where to find them.

Similar to Verdansk back when Warzone first launched, Caldera also features locked off areas that are due to be explored in future updates. Season 2 unlocks seven of the 12 locked bunkers, giving players access to underground chemical weapon research labs. These labs contain lots of loot, including the brand new Nebula V bombs, ammo, and P.D.S. stations that allow you to avoid taking damage from the poisonous circle collapse gas.

We expect the remaining locked areas to burst open prior to the launch of Warzone 2 later this year. There appears to be a morse code machine in each of the bunkers, but the secret message has yet to be deciphered. Here are the locations of every bunker in Warzone Pacific.


Caldera features 12 bunkers, but only seven of them are unlocked in Warzone Pacific at the moment. You don’t need to use a keypad to unlock any of these areas this time, the main hatch is blown open before you arrive on the map. There’s a lot to gain searching one of these research labs early on, so try to avoid heading to locations directly on the flight path.

Be careful as you make your way through the research labs – each bunker contains three enemy guards that can catch you by surprise. As long as you stock up on weapons beforehand, you should be fine.

The current version of Caldera featuring orange pins highlighting the open bunkers

Here are the locations of the Warzone Pacific Season 2 bunkers:

  • Bunker 02 – South of Docks, next to a truck carrying planks of wood
  • Bunker 03 – West of Runway, head inside the building with a green door. Once inside, turn left and enter the second green door to find the bunker
  • Bunker 05 – West of Mines, head to the peak of the hill
  • Bunker 08 – South east of Lagoon, next to the small hut
  • Bunker 10 – North of Fields, behind the large silos near the blue building
  • Bunker 12 – South of Power Plant, behind the left waterfall
  • Bunker 14 – West of Resort, on top of the large hill

And that’s everything you need to know about the bunkers in Warzone Pacific. If you need some help on the battlefield, don’t forget to check out our Warzone loadout drops guide to equip yourself with the best meta setups.