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Ranger school: Wasteland 2’s General Vargas offers survival tips

Wasteland 2 video

Radioactive wastelands do not encourage inhabitants to be pleasant, calm individuals. Rogue robots, mutants and gun-toting bandits don’t help, either. So in Wasteland 2, which drops on September 19th, is rife with violent encounters. 

To get you up to speed before launch, the head honcho of the rangers, General Vargas, has a few tips on how to survive. 

It’s mostly common sense stuff – how to build effective characters and a solid party, use the right gear for the right situations, use cover and the terrain to get an advantage over an enemy. Reprogramming robots to fight for the rangers is a nice touch, though.

Conveniently, ol’ Vargas shows how you can completely bugger up a fight too. A group of intimidating Damonta robots make quick work of a squad of underprepared rangers, but with a few changes to the party, it’s a challenge that can be overcome.

I’ve not played since it first launched on Steam Early Access, forcing myself to hold back so as to not spoil it for myself. I’ve waited for 20 years – if I was playing games in 1988, it would have been even longer – so I reckon I can hold out for another couple of weeks.