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Watch Dogs Legion photograph evidence: how to take a photo

It's been on you the whole time

Head of Albion and squad members with a drone walking through London in Watch Dogs Legion

How do you take a photo in Watch Dogs Legion? You may have been asked to take photograph evidence for a mission, but not actually been told how to take a photo in Watch Dogs Legion. If you’ve figured out how to take a selfie, or just pictures of the various London landmarks, capturing photograph evidence is slightly different.

Spoiler, you already have a camera equipped and you can take a photo at any time. All you need to do is hold up on the directional pad to pull up your recruit’s inventory, and then press X if you’re on an Xbox pad (square if you’re using a PS4 pad). You can use the photo mode to take casual pictures, but you also need to use the camera to snap evidence of Albion’s evil plans.

Some missions will require you to obtain photograph evidence in Watch Dogs Legion, to prove that Albion are as corrupt as you say they are. There are a couple of ways of doing this, but you almost always have to infiltrate an Albion building to obtain the evidence.

Watch Dogs Legion photograph evidence

You can hack a news drone and steer it into the Albion building, pretty handy if you have to bypass vents or small spaces and you can use the camera on the drone to take a picture which will automatically upload to DedSec’s archive. Another way is to infiltrate the building yourself, using the best recruits in Watch Dogs Legion to stealth your way into Albion controlled zones to gather the required information. Then it’s just a case of whipping out your camera in first person and making sure the target is in view, before snapping a picture.

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That’s how you collect photograph evidence in Watch Dogs Legion, for other tips, check out our beginner’s guide to Watch Dogs Legion, and (if you’re brave enough) how to turn on permadeath in Watch Dogs Legion. If you do, you’ll probably need to pad out your roster with the Watch Dogs Legion best recruits, just to be safe.