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Is there Wild Hearts crossplay?

For those looking for information about Wild Hearts crossplay, we have the details about whether or not you can play with your console friends.

Wild Hearts crossplay - the hunter is standing next to an old samurai in a traditional straw hat. They're talking to a young woman near a tree.

Are you wondering if you can play Wild Hearts crossplay? Gaming on PC with those who choose to play on consoles instead is one of the more convenient improvements in the past few years, and slowly we’re seeing more and more developers take advantage of the technology. After all, when there are players around the world of your game, the last thing you want is to isolate them to their platform of choice.

The potential of Wild Hearts crossplay means that players can hunt the massive Wild Hearts monsters together with the best Wild Hearts weapons in co-op. This is the most significant missed opportunity that Monster Hunter fans have experienced over the years, especially when new versions of Monster Hunter Rise required players to start their progress again and play the RPG game with a different community of hunters. So does Wild Hearts do what Monster Hunter hasn’t yet?

Wild Hearts crossplay - a hunter is fighting a giant boar covered in moss in the overgrown jungle near an abandoned shrine. A small robot, known as a Tsukomo, is helping.

Can you play Wild Hearts crossplay?

Yes, there is Wild Hearts crossplay between Steam, Epic Games, and Origin, along with PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, we don’t know if there will be cross-save support, so be sure to choose your platform wisely. Those playing using the early access trial, either on EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, will have no restrictions on who they can team up with but will only be able to play the game up to the gates of Minato.

Now that we know Wild Hearts crossplay exists, you should probably begin by checking out our Wild Hearts system requirements guide to see if your PC can run it. If your rig isn’t powerful enough, don’t fret. You can check out some other games like Monster Hunter to get that fix, or even some of the best PC games out there if this cooperative game style isn’t for you.