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Is Wild Hearts Steam Deck compatible?

We tried out Wild Hearts on Steam Deck, and we've got bad news for any Monster Hunter fans wanting to play the Koei Techmo co-op adventure on the go.

Wild Hearts Steam Deck: Valve';s handheld with game title on screen and monster plush on left

Is Wild Hearts Steam Deck compatible? If you’re eyeing up EA’s answer to Monster Hunter, you’re probably already itching to take it on the go. Valve shown its hand when it comes to Wild Hearts compatibility, but we’ve tried it out on the portable powerhouse anyway.

As always, we’d advise checking out Wild Hearts system requirements before diving in. Doing so will serve as a handheld performance heads-up of sorts, as recommendations include an RTX 2070 and 16GB RAM. You’ll also need to free up 80GB to meet the game’s size requirements, but you might want to hang fire before picking up the best Steam Deck SD card for your unit.

Is Wild Hearts Steam Deck compatible?

No, Wild Hearts isn’t supported on Steam Deck. That said, there is a glimmer of hope for on-the-go Monster Hunter fans. During a Reddit AMA, a member of the dev team confirmed that the co-op caper could gain Steam Deck compatibility status in the future.

Steam Deck Wild Hearts: Player character walking up tree trunk in forest

Rather than take Koei Tecmo’s word for it, we decided to try Wild Hearts on Steam Deck anyway. The result? Well, we managed to reach the game’s intro scenario, but the experience was far from stellar. We couldn’t boost fps past 30, even with every setting cranked down low, and an eventual crash served as an unfortunate cherry on top. Even if dialling visuals down actually worked, we’d advise against it, as it doesn’t look much better than Monster Hunter on the 3DS.

Despite this, it feels like compatibility isn’t completely out of reach, as we did manage to briefly play Wild Hearts on Steam Deck. That’s not to say we think it “runs” on the handheld, as it feels more like a slow walk into a disappointing abyss. Yet, it officially supports the portable’s built-in controls, giving it an edge over other games that work on Valve’s portable powerhouse.

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