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WildStar could appear on Steam as “free on demand,” SteamDB suggests

WildStar on Steam

WildStar, Carbine and NCSoft’s sci-fi fantasy MMO, could soon appear on Steam, according to a Steam Sub page on SteamDB. WildStar launched in June last year, receiving mostly critical praise. NCSoft hasn’t revealed subscription numbers, however, so it’s not clear how many players stuck around. It has received quite a few updates, though. 

The page also suggests that when WildStar appears on Steam, it might be free-to-play, as it’s listed as “Free on Demand”. 

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A Steam launch would be a good time to announce the ditching of the subscription model, and such a change wouldn’t be surprising given how seemingly impossible that model is to maintain unless it’s EVE or WoW, or maybe Final Fantasy XIV, which seems to be very healthy at the moment, and awaiting an expansion.

WildStar recently received a chunky update, Invasion: Nexus. It chucked in a bunch of quality of life changes, a new raid with zombie robots, and fluffy wee pets that follow their owners around the many battlefields of Nexus.

Would WildStar going F2P tempt you to take a trip to its peculiar alien world?