WildStar’s free-to-play closed beta is live and ready for sign-ups

Wildstar f2p closed beta

Did you hear the news? WildStar is scrapping subscriptions and going free-to-play this fall. Before we get there though, there’s a closed beta, and that’s going on right now. It’s time to sign yourself up.  

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The closed beta is only available for those with WildStar account who are opted in for a beta key. There’s still time to sign up, but best hurry before those gates slam shut. You can provide your details here if you don’t have a WildStar account already.

As ever with betas, it’s a test environment so don’t expect the smoothest of rides, but Carbine are looking for all kinds of feedback on how the newly reinvented WildStar is doing. Obviously a lot of it will be familiar if you’ve played the game in its subscription form, but you’ll be able to investigate the new cosmetics store and get your head around the OmniBit currency. There’s also the revamped character stats to take a look at, and the newly streamlined dungeons. You can read the full feature set over at the WildStar forums.

Our Jeremy recently had a chat with Carbine to find out exactly how they plan on fixing WildStar for the new free-to-play landscape.