Microsoft will test older Intel 7th gen and AMD Zen 1 CPUs with Windows 11

There's luck for older gaming PCs yet

Windows 11's logo with rounded blue corners to reflect the new operating system

Microsoft surprised us all with its Windows 11 announcement last week, revealing a relatively short list of supported processors that demands anything from Intel’s 8th generation Coffee Lake or AMD’s Zen 2 CPUs. Although this list ensures compatibility with the TPM 2.0 requirement, older chips might still be in with a chance to run Windows 11.

Don’t lose hope if it doesn’t look like your gaming PC is compatible right now, as Microsoft suggests it might expand this list in the future. It notes that as the Windows Insider programme rolls out and it gets feedback from OEM PC manufacturers, it will “test to identify devices running on Intel 7th generation and AMD Zen 1 that may meet our principles”. It might not stop there, either, but it’s too soon to tell just how far back it’ll go.

Microsoft is also temporarily removing the PC health check app. While this is designed to tell you if your current rig is ready for Windows 11, it’s caused a lot of frustration by incorrectly informing users running the best gaming CPUs that their rigs are incompatible. This is due to TPM being switched off in the BIOS, which acts as an instant fail for the test even if the processor is capable of using the latest standard.

Once the app’s fixed, it might be a little easier to work out whether your computer is Windows 11 ready, without having to resort to reading through Microsoft’s extensive system requirements document.