The number of Windows 11 gaming PCs and laptops is growing

Microsoft's latest operating system is quickly catching up to Windows 10's market share, despite its confusing system requirements.

Around 20% of all Windows devices are now running Windows 11

Microsoft hasn’t had the easiest time pushing Windows 11 over the past five months, but it appears that many are flocking to adopt the latest iteration of the operating system despite its confusing system requirements and various launch issues. In fact, it might soon be the fastest adopted version of Windows ever following a new report.

According to AdDuplex (via Tech Advisor), nearly 20% of all Windows devices are now running Windows 11. This is undoubtedly impressive, but it’s worth noting that the company’s sample data comes from “around 5,000 Windows Store apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2 (and higher)”, which while presumably large isn’t definitive.

This is, however, another indication that Windows 11 is proving popular across all types of users, including those with gaming PCs. The January 2022 Steam hardware survey reported that 14% of Steam’s player base were running the application on a Windows 11 device, whether that be a desktop system or gaming laptop.

Despite this impressive growth, it’ll be quite some time before Windows 10 is usurped as the most popular version of Microsoft’s operating system. That said, recent changes to Windows 11, such as its new requirement for an internet connection during installation, could push people away from upgrading, thus slowing down its adoption rate.

Worse still for Microsoft, building a capable gaming PC is set to become more expensive this year, meaning that many may view it the wiser move to stick with what they currently have rather than upgrading to Windows 11.