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Windows 11’s TPM requirement is causing stuttering issues with AMD Ryzen CPUs

Users report that enabling 'fTPM' in their BIOS causes random stutters on their gaming PC.

The Windows 11 logo against the official 'Bloom' wallpaper

Windows 11 has been around for just under four months now, quickly becoming the second most popular version of Microsoft’s operating system among gaming PCs. While it will undoubtedly eventually replace Windows 10, there’s still plenty of troubleshooting to be done before then, especially when it comes to AMD Ryzen CPUs.

A thread on the Linus Tech Tips forums contains multiple testimonies of users experiencing stuttering issues on their Windows 11 PCs, while running an AMD Ryzen processor. Worse still, these reports date back to July 2021. The problem appears to be related to the ‘fTPM’ BIOS setting (firmware Trusted Platform Module), which must be enabled in order for Windows 11 to be installed.

However, users say that turning ‘fTPM’ off not only resolves the issue, but also has no impact on the functionality of their OS. It’s unclear what plans Microsoft has to address this issue, or how quickly a fix can be deployed, but the company was previously quick to address other issues relating to AMD Ryzen CPU performance on Windows 11.

Here’s what the issue looks like when playing videogames:

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The best gaming CPUs aren’t the only components experiencing slowdown on Microsoft’s latest operating system, with NVMe SSDs performing worse in terms of key specs, like read and write speed.