Wo Long Fallen Dynasty demo lets you play stylish Soulslike early

A Wo Long Fallen Dynasty demo coming to Steam and the Microsoft Store gives you hands-on with the stylish Soulslike fantasy game by Team Ninja ahead of launch.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty demo - a man with stern eyebrows and a goatee glares at you

A newly announced Wo Long Fallen Dynasty demo gives players excited about the upcoming Three Kingdoms dark fantasy game from Nioh developers Team Ninja a chance to try it out a week ahead of launch. Team Ninja also confirms that not only will your save data from the demo carry over to the full game once the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty release date arrives, but also you’ll be able to earn some bonus gear by playing it.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty definitely bears close resemblance to Nioh 2, but our hands-on time with the game felt slightly more approachable out the gate, with fewer mechanics to wrap your head around and a focus on employing your devastating dodge, which feels almost like Sekiro’s deflections but with lesser risk. Correctly sidestep an enemy’s incoming blow and you can turn their momentum against them to force them to the ground and unleash a devastating counterattack.

Team Ninja confirms that the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty demo releases on February 24 on Steam and the Microsoft Store, alongside PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It adds that your save data from the demo will transfer over to the final game, and that players who manage to complete the demo will obtain the ‘Crouching Dragon Helmet’ DLC in the full game when it arrives on March 3.

While Wo Long is on PC Game Pass from day one, those of you who prefer not to opt for Microsoft’s subscription service and are contemplating buying the game on Steam or the Microsoft store will now have ample opportunity to give the game a look beforehand and see how it feels in your hands first.

Even if you’re already sold, it’s probably worth giving the demo a shot – you have a chance to earn some nifty bonus gear, and your save will carry over upon release anyway. If you want to get even more ahead of the game, check out our full Wo Long Fallen Dynasty hands-on preview to find out all the nitty-gritty details.

February 24 is still a little way off, so in the meantime check out more of the best Soulslike games on PC for that heart-pounding action, or more of the best RPG games if you have a particular penchant for character-building.