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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus perks guide

wolfenstein 2 perks

It used to be that perks and old-school shooters didn’t go together, but then Machine Games challenged that by loading up nazi-killing stalwart B.J. Blazkowicz with a system of challenges and rewards that just made sense: progress by creatively, cruelly, and crudely destroying Nazis. The New Order’s glut of combat tasks gave reason to kill with every type of weapon and tactic in the game, and rewarded you by making it even easier to perform those feats. Nazi-killing begets Nazi-killing, after all.

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Perks in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus work in much the same way as they did in The New Order and The Old Blood, but they have been massively simplified and streamlined to help you identify the playstyle and mission approach that best suits you. So, to help you plan your upcoming Nazi-slaying adventure, we’ve put together this comprehensive Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus perks guide from our recent hands-on with the game.

Here’s a breakdown of our Wolfenstein II perks guide:

How Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus perks work

Short answer: almost exactly how they did in The New Order. As before, every perk is unlocked by completing combat challenges, such as getting ten dual-wield kills or emptying a fully loaded marksman rifle without missing. As a prize for performing these feats, you unlock a permanent bonus, such as faster dual-wield reloads, increased clip size for a specific weapon, or the ability to throw back enemy grenades. Perks track progress cumulatively, meaning you can earn rewards by replaying the same sections in order to rack up the necessary number of assault rifle kills or melee takedowns.

Where Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus perks differ from those of The New Order is with the addition of perk ranks. While a select few perks from The New Order had additional ranks, every perk in The New Colossus boasts a number mastery levels within each perk. Rewards are small, but they stack up with each mastery level, which means bonuses that reflect your personal style of Nazi-butchery. Love skulking around and silently executing your enemies? Perform enough stealth takedowns and you’ll receive a handy boost to your movement speed in crouch. Likewise, more dual-wield kills will allow you to carry around more ammo, which is especially helpful when you’re firing from two guns simultaneously.

wolfenstein 2 perks

The perks themselves fall into three distinct trees – Stealth, Mayhem, and Tactical – rather than The New Order’s four confusing branches. Similarly, there are fewer Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus perks that ask you to perform highly specific feats – instead, you’ll earn most rewards by simply sticking to your preferred playstyle.

Wolfenstein 2 perks stealth

Stealth takedowns
Silently killing soldiers from behind using stealth takedowns.
Reward: increased movement speed in crouch.

Enigma codes
Collecting enigma codes found by searching dead commanders.
Reward: commander alarm signals are jammed, delaying them.

Thrown hatchet kills
Killing enemies by throwing hatchets at the target.
Reward: increased total hatchet capacity.

Quick Commander kill
Killing commanders before they activate the alarm.
Reward: increased damage with suppressed weapons.

Takedowns or tampers
Performing takedowns on or tampering with robotic enemies.
Reward: get laser and diesel ammunition when tampering.

Constrictor kills
Killing enemies while using the Constrictor harness ability.
Reward: increases movement speed when using Constrictor harness.

Wolfenstein 2 perks mayhem

wolfenstein 2 perks

Heavy weapon kills
Killing enemies using heavy weapons, such as the Hammergewehr.
Reward: increased magazine size in detached heavy weapons.

Grenade kills
Killing enemies with the Handgranate.
Reward: increased grenade capacity.

Overcharged kill
Killing enemies while health is overcharged.
Reward: slower deflate on health overcharged.

Dual-wield kills
Killing enemies while dual-wielding enemies.
Reward: increased total capacity for carried ammunition.

Combat takedown
Killing opponents using combat takedowns when up close to the enemy.
Reward: increased speed for regenerating health.

Ram shackle kills
Killing enemies by tackling them while using the Ram shackles ability.
Reward: increased amount of armour from enemy dropped armour pieces.

Wolfenstein 2 perks tactical

Kills by burning
Killing enemies by using flames, such as the Dieselgewehr.
Reward: reduced damage taken from diesel weapons.

Elektro-bomb stun kills
Stunning mechanical enemies with the Handgranate equipped with the electric upgrade, them destroying them while incapacitated.
Reward: reduced damage taken from laser weapons.

Environmental kills
Killing enemies by making use of explosive objects in the environment.
Reward: reduces damage taken by explosives.

Enemy grenade kills
Killing enemies by using their own grenades, for example by shooting it before it’s thrown.
Reward: Longer time before enemies grenades explode.

Headshot kills
Killing enemies by shooting them in the head.
Reward: increased damage when aiming down sight.

Battle Walker kills
Killing enemies while using the Battle Walker ability.
Reward: increased amount of ammunition from enemy dropped weapons.

Any perks or challenges you’d like to see added to the game? Let us know in the comments below.