Ukraine benefit DLC planned for Soviet city builder

The developers of Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic are working with modders to create a DLC to benefit Ukrainians devastated by war

A massive high-rise housing block in Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic.

The Cold War-themed city-building game Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic has Ukraine-themed DLC on the way. The developers say they are working with the game’s modding community to put together a DLC pack that will remind players of the “greatness of Ukraine’s history and their people.” All proceeds will be donated to relief efforts for Ukrainians experiencing the devastation of the ongoing invasion by the Russian Federation.

The DLC is in the early planning stages at the moment. Developer 3Division is based in Slovakia, which shares a border with Ukraine, and the small team behind Workers and Resources says the goal for the DLC is to raise revenue to donate “to those who are in need” in Ukraine. At this point, the studio hasn’t yet identified a relief organisation or NGO to handle the donation, but it says the intent is also to make the DLC free for all Ukrainians, provided there’s a way to accomplish that.

3Division says it wants to work with its modding community to create special Ukraine-themed assets for Workers and Resources, such as “buildings, vehicles, or other stuff.”

The studio takes some time to discuss the theme of Workers and Resources in light of the ongoing war.

“The game’s theme is inspired [by the] Soviet past, and the Republic we created in game is situated in between NATO and [the] Soviet Union, just as Czechoslovakia or some other middle middle European countries were in the past,” the developers write. In Workers and Resources, you’re free to trade with either NATO or the USSR, and there’s no military component whatsoever.

“Our hope is that we have taken something from the past that made sense from a game’s perspective, and made it into a game where you can play and have fun, but in real life things are different,” the team writes. “The real world is not that simple and not that peaceful as our game is.”

“It is sad that we have to say that times of peace in Europe are over because Russia invaded a sovereign European country and now people are suffering due to ongoing war just behind our borders,” 3Division says. “We see this as an act of aggression against the peaceful nation and people of Ukraine. Our hearts were moved, and we want to find a way to help people in Ukraine who are bearing the consequences of violence in their lives.”

As it’s still in the early stages, there’s no release date set yet for the Ukraine DLC for Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic.

If you would like to support Ukraine yourself, you can donate to UNICEFDoctors Without Borders, and Voices of Children at those links.