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WoW Dragonflight launch schedule: Pre-patch, release date, raids

The WoW Dragonflight launch roadmap has been revealed, showing players when the two parts of the pre-patch to drop ahead of Blizzard's next WoW expansion

WoW Dragonflight launch schedule: Pre-patch, release date, raids: A grey humanoid dragon stands on a forested background

The WoW Dragonflight launch roadmap shows players the lowdown on exactly when new content will be dropping for the MMORPG‘s upcoming expansion. 

Like each of WoW’s expansions, Blizzard will release content for Dragonflight with a pre-patch event as a prelude to the actual expansion. With so much content coming with Dragonflight, like an entire overhaul to the UI as well as a new race and class, developer Blizzard Entertainment has decided to split up the pre-patch event into two separate releases to ease the transition.

On October 25, the pre-patch for Dragonflight officially goes live. This will bring the overhaul of the UI system, talent trees returning, accessibility features like controller support, and rogue, priest, and mage classes available for all races to play.

On November 15, the Dracthyr race and Evoker class will become playable. This will make their new starting zone, The Forbidden Reach, accessible once more, as players get their first chance to play the new dragon class.

This secondary pre-patch will also introduce the Primal Storms event where players will get the chance to obtain some catch-up gear, a new trinket, and a new toy.

With some buffer time between the initial changes and the release of the new Evoker class, the devs will have some extra time to make sure talent trees are as balanced as possible.

Then, on November 28, Dragonflight will officially launch. Then, just two weeks later, the first raid of the expansion, Vault of the Incarnates, will be released on December 13.

WoW Dragonflight launch schedule: Pre-patch, release date, raids: An infographic from Activision Blizzard showing the release stages for World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Full details can be found in Blizzard’s pre-patch announcement blog.

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