New WoW Dragonflight pet is an adorable frog duck hybrid

The new WoW Dragonflight pet and mount collector achievements and rewards include a half duck half frog creature that’s both adorable and ready for battle

A cartoon 3D frog with a duck's bill on a forest background

WoW Dragonflight’s pre-patch is finally here, and with it, brand new achievements and rewards for hardcore fans of the popular MMORPG who enjoy collecting mounts and pets.

The game’s latest expansion is rewarding players who have dedicated themselves to the grind of collecting the various battle pets and mounts that are obtainable across Azeroth.

In the WoW Dragonflight pre-patch, there are already four new pets that are obtainable by unlocking specific achievements. Here are all of the pet rewards that have been unveiled so far:

  • Achievement: Many More Mini Minions – Collector 1,250 unique pets
  • Pet Reward: Crystalline Mini-Monster

  • Achievement: Proven Pet Parent – Collect 1,500 unique pets.
  • Pet Reward: Secretive Frogduck

  • Achievement: What Can I Say? They Love Me. – Collect 1,750 unique mounts.
  • Pet Reward: Violet Violence

  • Achievement: Good Things Come in Small Packages – Collect 2,000 unique mounts.
  • Pet Reward: Mister Muskoxeles

The two pet rewards that stand out from the new batch of collectibles are easily the Secretive Frogduck and Mister Muskoxeles. Frogduck is a perfect mashup of a duck and a frog, as the beast has the body of a frog with the adorable bill of a duck. This continues along Dragonflight’s duck theme, as the devs have recently introduced tameable ducklings for the hunter spec.

Mister Muskoxeles is also a new companion that shines for his ridiculous cuteness and tiny little horns. Muskoxeles will surely be a pet in high demand, but he’ll be hard to come by as he’s by far the most difficult to obtain. Players will need to collect 2,000 unique mounts in order to obtain him via the achievement.

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