WoW Dragonflight silver dragon rare portraits back after player outcry

WoW Dragonflight silver dragon rare portraits return after players demanded MMO developer Blizzard Entertainment bring them back following their prior removal

WoW Dragonflight - silver dragon

The WoW Dragonflight silver dragon rare portraits are making a return following calls to developer Blizzard. During Dragonflight’s beta, long-time players of the popular MMORPG noticed that along with the massive UI update the devs removed the silver dragon from rare portraits from the game.

According to data miners of the expansions, Blizzard had updated the visuals of both the silver rare and elite gold dragons but axed the silver dragons from returning once the expansion was to hit live servers.

Now, one Reddit user has discovered that the latest Dragonflight beta build puts the silver dragons right back where they belong attached to rare portraits. The move comes after fans voiced their outrage that only the gold elite dragons would be returning.

WoW players in the comment section shared their jubilation over Blizzard’s reversal. One user said, “Very nice. Glad they listened to the feedback on this one.”

Another WoW fan added, “Credit where credit is due, they seemed to be actively listening to feedback a lot over the past year than they have for a long time before that.”

Although Warcraft players have embraced the big changes the developers are introducing in Dragonflight, one change they weren’t thrilled with was the removal of the silver dragons from rare character portraits. Silver dragon portraits have been a visual staple of WoW that dates back all the way to when the game first launched back in 2004.

Luckily for them, Blizzard has changed its tune recently and continues to listen to player feedback in hopes that Dragonflight will be a return to excellence for the long-running MMO.

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