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World of Warcraft reveals not just one, but three brand-new expansions

Blizzard surprises us with its reveal of not just one, but three brand-new expansions encompassing the upcoming Worldsoul Saga storyline.

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World of Warcraft continues to dominate the ever-growing world of massively multiplayer online games. It shows no signs of slowing down after its ninth and latest expansion, Dragonflight, with Blizzard taking to BlizzCon 2023 to reveal a massive new story arc for WoW. While many fans expected the behemoth developer to give word on a new expansion, Blizzard has outdone itself and shown a whole story arc, Worldsoul Saga, which includes a whopping three expansions.

There’s no questioning just how influential World of Warcraft was and still is in the vast sea of MMORPGs. The game is about to get even bigger as Blizzard reveals three upcoming expansions encompassing an entirely new story arc, the Worldsoul Saga. Chris Metzen, Warcraft’s executive creative director, says at BlizzCon that the saga is “built to play out over multiple expansions over the next few years.”

Metzen describes the Worldsoul Saga as “too big to contain” within just one expansion, hence the surprise announcement of three future WoW expansions. Blizzard reveals the first upcoming expansion, the saga’s initial chapter, as The War Within. It’s the MMO’s tenth expansion overall following the recent Dragonflight, and will have us “descending into the heart of Azeroth itself” to explore “new subterranean kingdoms.”

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Following our descent among the earthen in The War Within, we’ll dive into the saga’s second part, Midnight. Blizzard says that this expansion will see us return to the “old world” and the fabled lands of Quel’Thalas. We will then work to reunify the scattered Elven tribes of Azeroth until we delve back into the old world with the saga’s third expansion.

The Last Titan is the Worldsoul Saga’s final chapter, once again taking us to the old world. This time, we’ll embark on a journey to the wintery lands of Northrend. World of Warcraft’s third saga entry will give us a greater understanding of the titans and see their return to Azeroth. As we uncover the expansion’s “vast conspiracy,” Blizzard says that The Last Titan will “challenge everything you think you know about the titans.”

If you’re just as excited for the Worldsoul Saga and its three massive expansions, you should spice your current gameplay up for free until the first part drops with some of the greatest WoW addons. Alternatively, you can browse through our in-depth Dragonflight tier list to better understand the current expansion’s best build.