WoW Classic’s Joyous Journeys buff has gone missing, fix incoming

If you've logged into WoW Classic and noticed that the Joyous Journeys buff has gone missing, don't worry, Blizzard is already on it.

WoW Classic's Joyous Journeys buff has gone missing, fix incoming: A huge man in black armor holds out his sword in a frozen area with steps behind him

If you’ve logged back into World of Warcraft Classic following the recent server maintenance and realized, much to your dismay, that the Joyous Journeys buff has mysteriously vanished, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Blizzard is already on the case, but apparently this is a pretty “challenging bug” that will require a little extra work to squash.

Following a brief maintenance period yesterday, Tuesday, December 5, some World of Warcraft Classic players have noticed that the MMORPG‘s best buff, Joyous Journeys, has gone missing. Having been added back into the game several months ago, Joyous Journeys grants 50% extra XP to players up until level 80 – perfect for those who love creating alts, or have fallen behind because, every now and then, life gets in the way.

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Posting on the official WoW forums, Human Rogue player ‘Erakura’ notes, “After server maintenance, Joyous Journeys is GONE. No buff, and innkeepers have no option to enable or disable. Per Blizzard’s announcement, Joyous Journeys was on ‘until further notice,’ but I’ve looked around and cannot find any such notice.” Others echo this, with some claiming that, on Classic server Skyfury, the NPCs have also vanished.

The general consensus, however, is that this is the result of a genuine error on Blizzard’s part, which has since been confirmed by community manager Randy ‘Kaivax’ Jordan. “We’re on it!” they state. “We’ve been working on fixing this all day. It’s a surprisingly challenging bug, but we expect to get the buff back on soon.”

A comment from Blizzard Community Manager Kaivax discussing the accidental removal of WoW Classic's Joyous Journeys buff

As someone who loves her Death Knight Draenei but consistently makes new characters anyway, Joyous Journeys has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I’ll admit when I logged on last night to pay the Lich King a visit (for the hundredth time), I was a little worried that Joyous Journeys had been pulled. Hopefully Blizzard sorts this one out relatively quickly (I have a Troll Shaman to level, again), but at least I can rest easy knowing a fix is on the way.

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