WoW Dragonflight quest skip returns for fast alt professions

A WoW Dragonflight quest skip that let alts quickly earn profession knowledge with an option to skip Artisan’s Consortium quests returns to the Blizzard MMORPG

WoW Dragonflight - a turquoise coloured Dracthyr stands by the Ruby Lifeshrine

One handy WoW Dragonflight quest skip has returned, and should make the process of WoW Dragonflight leveling for your alts a little bit smoother. The skip, which was available early during the launch of Dragonflight, allows players to gain profession knowledge more easily on their alternate classes in the Blizzard MMORPG. However, it temporarily disappeared from World of Warcraft, only to make its return now.

After your first character has completed the quests in the Dragon Isles branch of the Artisan’s Consortium, your other characters were given an option to skip the quest altogether by telling Haephesta that you have already met Khadin. This will instantly let you bypass the quest line and turn in a Dragon Shard of Knowledge, granting you a profession knowledge point in the profession of your choice.

As reported by Wowhead, this skip disappeared from Dragonflight not too long after launch, but has now returned, meaning you can take advantage of it once more. Unfortunately, however, you only get the chance to do this once, and it shows up quite early – becoming available if you are on a level 60 character with a skill of 1 in any Dragon Isles gathering or crafting profession.

This means if you’ve played on any of your alts already, you might have already completed the first quest, Artisan’s Courier. If so, you’ll unfortunately no longer be presented with the option to skip through the quest and will have to complete the entire quest line in order to turn in your Dragon Shard of Knowledge. If you’ve still got alts that you’re looking to level, though, this should make life a little easier.

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