WoW Dragonflight adds visual boat timers to dock worker NPCs

WoW Dragonflight is adding visual boat timers as the expansion continues to focus on quality-of-life updates that modernize the popular MMORPG

WoW Dragonflight Dwarvern dock worker stands in front of a boat

WoW Dragonflight will add visual boat timers to the NPC dock workers at each location so you’re no longer aimlessly waiting around to set sail. Finally, players will know exactly when to expect a boat to arrive so you can continue your travels with ease.

The expansion adds tons of small updates to the game that improve the visuals and UI, and modernize how adventurers travel around Azeroth, as developer Blizzard Entertainment attempts to give WoW a fresh new look and feel. The timer was tested throughout the beta and will appear in the MMORPG when the WoW Dragonflight release date rolls around later this month. Blizzard revealed the news from a tweet on its official World of Warcraft account.

Boats have long frustrated WoW players as a mode of transportation. Waiting for a flying boat in-game is somewhat antiquated, and the system of boats crossing continents has meant heavy delays and even stranding players when a boat never shows up.

When Wrath of the Lich King Classic launched, problems with boats to the new continent of Northrend encouraged the WoW Classic devs to go a different route, adding teleportation options so players could actually access the new area. Although this quality-of-life update for Dragonflight stops short of just allowing players to zip to exactly where they want, it sure does help.

Usually, WoW players will go AFK when waiting for a boat, or just after hopping onto one. Now, with the addition of visual boat timers, at least players traveling across continents will be able to properly plan their game time, knowing exactly when their boat is supposed to show up.

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