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Warcraft artist reimagines WoW as a fighting game

"The Duel" imagines a World of Warcraft showdown as a 2D fighting game

World of Warcraft and Mortal Kombat – or Street Fighter, or any fighting game you can think of – probably aren’t games you’d usually think of mixing. Venturing out into the fantasy land of Azeroth to tackle raids and best bosses has a pretty different feel to battering an opponent one-on-one, inflicting fatalities and finishers before a timer runs out. However, one creative Redditor has imagined what a WoW-fighting game crossover might look – and the result is awesome.

Artist Lloyd Hoshide has posted an image he’s created called “‘The Duel’ WoW as a fighting game” on the WoW Subreddit, which you can check out embedded below. The picture creates an idea of what a WoW showdown between Ogre Arngrimm and the monstrous Atreyu might look like as a 2D fighting game, complete with healthbars, timer, and other Azeroth-inspired NPCs adorning the background and edges of the battle stage, cheering the fighters on.

The scene shows the Ogre getting ready to slam his axe – what looks like an Arcanite Reaper – on his foe, who himself conjures a spell in retaliation as the clock ticks down from nine seconds left.

The result, apart from being an impressive piece of artwork, has a certain authentic feel, lending credence to the idea that a crossover might just work should developer Blizzard ever decide to bring the universe of WoW to the fighting game format.

“The Duel” WoW as a fighting game. [OC] art by me Lloyd Hoshide aka lloydo6 from r/wow

Judging by the community’s responses to the picture on the post, it looks like the idea is a popular one. Multiple users love the concept, saying they’d play a WoW fighting game if one ever came about.

Whether Blizzard might ever be tempted to create a WoW-inspired fighting title is anyone’s guess, but for now you can check out Hoshide’s impression, plus his other WoW and fantasy-inspired art which you can find on his Art Station page.