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WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix players revive absurd frog farming method

WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix has finally launched, and players have brought back a method of farming from when the expansion originally released

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Remix has sparked new life into WoW. For retail players prepping for the next expansion, The War Within, slated for release in Fall 2024, the latest game mode has presented the perfect opportunity to jump back in and blast through the Jade Forrest one more time. Now, players who originally played Mists of Pandaria when it first launched have brought back an old farming trick involving everybody’s favorite amphibian: frogs.

Blizzard Entertainment has recently released a ton of new World of Warcraft content, bringing the long-running MMORPG back into the spotlight. For WoW Classic players, the impending launch of Cataclysm has players itching to make new (old) Worgen and Goblin characters once again.

For the retail player population, Blizzard has whipped up a new game mode called WoW Remix, which bends time and brings players back to the Mists of Pandaria expansion. We recently spoke with the WoW developers about the inspiration for this new game mode and why Remix feels like Diablo-inspired WoW.

With players back in the MoP expansion zones, those who have been around for the long haul remember specifically which areas and mobs to farm for resources. In WoW Remix, enemies drop a new universal currency called Bronze, which can be used to upgrade gear, buy collectibles, and much more.

Players have already determined the best place and mob to grind to obtain tons of Bronze, a method similar to the one players used when Mists of Pandaria first launched in 2011. Courtesy of wowhead, Frog Farming is a quite simple method: head over to the Timeless Isle (exact coordinates are 63, 75) and find mobs of frogs. Try to group up the enemy frogs into two groups of players with four frogs for each group so as not to trigger the maximum of five frogs, which would make it so that only one party can then target that mob.

To start hyper spawning the frogs, try to drag them all into one specific spot and kill them all with a ranged spell so that they will all spawn in that exact spot repeatedly for maximum amphibious carnage. Luckily, they’re just pixels on a screen, so no real frogs were harmed.

This (hilarious and cruel) method should earn you tons of Bronze to use at your desire.

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