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The best WoW expansion is back, and this time it’s even better

As the curtains fall on The Dragon Isles, Blizzard is dropping 'WoW Remix,' a fresh spin on the best World of Warcraft expansion ever made.

A panda wearing a traditional Asian farming hat looks into the camera, grimacing, a wooden staff perched on its shoulders

So, Lauren, what is the best World of Warcraft expansion? Wrath of the Lich King? Nope. Shadowlands? Absolutely not. No, for me it’s Mists of Pandaria. There are a few reasons why: it was running when I first played WoW, I love the lush Asian aesthetic, and it introduced the monk, my all-time favorite class. I make a new character every couple of year and replay it in a nostalgia-fuelled frenzy, and every time I slowly circle the Serpent’s Heart, I enjoy it even more. But Mists just got even better with Blizzard’s new WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, an all-new limited-time mode that’s dropping alongside the final chapter of Dragonflight.

But what exactly is WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria? According to Blizzard, it’s a limited-time event (much like Plunderstorm) that plays as an entirely separate mode from base retail World of Warcraft. Players will level quicker, and have access to reworked, very powerful gear that drops from literally everywhere.

But gear can always get better, right? You can customize your new treasures with the MMORPG‘s newest upgrades; gems. Each gem fits into a different slot (Blizzard shows off some Meta, Tinker, and Cogwheel gems), each granting various different powers. Where Meta and Tinker feel more damage focused, Cogwheel seems more about granting extra movement – a must if you’re looking to dodge Raigonn’s charges and minion swarms.

And yet, that’s somehow not all. You’ll be able to pick up the Cloak of Infinite Potential on your journey, an Artifact cloak that grants a huge power upgrade. If your strongest character is wearing it, their power is shared with the rest of your alts, meaning you can speed-level them in style. The cloak’s stats are shown below, and they are wild.

An image showing the stats for World of Warcraft's new Cloak of Infinite Potential

If, however, you’ve got too much good gear, you can sell it on for Bronze, a new currency that can be traded for a whole slew of Mists of Pandaria goodies – old and new. Note that the Auction House has been disabled, so you won’t be able to trade these items.

Other quests rewards include new titles, unreleased recolors of previous mounts, and specific achievements which will become Feats of Strength when the event ends. There’s a whole collection of mounts that I missed because I was a newer player, and I can’t wait to finally collect them all – I need that golden version of the Astral Cloud Serpent.

A World of Warcraft character riding a glowing golden serpent in a dark sky

While Plunderstorm wasn’t for everyone, this event is something for everyone – both old and new. It’s a throwback to the good ol’ days if you’re a veteran player, and a great way to experience the game for the first time if you’ve never played before. I didn’t think I’d be diving back into Azeroth ahead of the WoW The War Within release date – but this has changed that entirely.

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