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Looks like WoW: Shadowlands’ pre-patch is up for pre-download

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ pre-patch is just around the corner, it seems. Blizzard has put the new WoW update on the MMORPG’s background downloader, and players were swift to take notice and head to Reddit to spread the word.

WoW: Shadowlands’ pre-patch download size comes in at around 20GB, but it’s worth noting here that your update should be smaller if you’ve tried it out on the PTR or beta before now. Going on past expansions, these updates typically drop four to six weeks before new content. Given that the WoW: Shadowlands release date is October 27, it makes sense that the pre-patch will drop around about now.

As for what the update contains, there’s a new Scourge invasion to deal with alongside class changes and a level squish. Some players weren’t able to solo Legion content on the PTR after the change, but it wasn’t due to design – fear not. Blizzard has also talked about removing the Corruption system in the pre-patch previously. The thinking behind it is that it makes sense narrative-wise, and that the system leads to some overpowered builds.

There’s plenty of good stuff on the way when Shadowlands arrives. WoW players with beta access have already stumbled across a Witcher 3 easter egg alongside a touching tribute to late streamer Reckful.

Shadowlands Pre-Patch incoming? This just dropped on my from wow

The WoW: Shadowlands system requirements have also been shared, so I’d recommend catching up on those before the launch date hits. If you want to do some more prep’, we’ve also put together a WoW: Shadowlands changes guide so you know what’s coming and going.

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