World War 3 announced alongside action-packed trailer


While the usual suspects in modern military shooters have headed back into the past for their latest outings, one developer is staying firmly rooted in the present. Today, The Farm 51 unveiled World War 3, its new modern FPS, with a flashy reveal trailer.

You may remember The Farm 51 from games like Painkiller: Hell and Damnation and World War II Online. But if you don’t, that’s ok – World War 3 looks like something that’s taking just as many cues from today’s games.

For instance, it’s a multiplayer-only game that features multiple modes, including – you guessed it – a spin on battle royale. Here, however, it’s called Recon mode and The Farm 51 says it’s focused on working together in “small reconnaissance squads to capture high-value military targets.”

We’ll see how World War 3 fares later this year, but for now at least, here’s our list of the best first-person shooters on PC.

There’s a Battlefield-esque combined arms approach to warfare here, though, so instead of rusty old trucks you’ll be driving present-day main battle tanks and deploying several kinds of drone. As in Rainbow Six Siege, you’ll find yourself either attacking or defending in certain modes.

Maps are taken from real-world cities, including Berlin, Warsaw, and Moscow, and The Farm 51 says it wants players to feel “national pride” by getting to put on accurate uniforms for the nations represented. The studio says it’s also working with defence research and development outfits to get the ballistics and body physics right.

The trailer looks sharp, but as is noted in small print at the bottom, this is “in engine footage,” meaning it may or may not reflect actual gameplay. So it remains to be seen how World War 3 feels in our hands.

World War 3 is due out later this year and The Farm 51 says it’ll be available in Early Access prior to launch at a reduced price. The studio promises there will be no paid loot boxes or “pay-to-win” mechanics involved in World War 3.

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