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Two 9/10 strategy games brave their biggest Steam discounts ever

Both XCOM 2 and Marvel's Midnight Suns are the cheapest they've ever been on Steam, offering up two phenomenal turn-based strategy games.

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We write about strategy games a lot at PCGamesN. We love the genre, and you love getting some of the best it has to offer on the cheap, but I know some of you have seen our stories on XCOM 2 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns and thought “I’ll get ‘em next time.” Well, the next time is here, and both of the games are also at a historical low on Steam. So now’s your chance.

XCOM 2 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns, two of developer Firaxis’ recent forays into turn-based strategy games, are both truly superb. They’re very different but similar games, as XCOM 2 focuses on nail-biting mortal combat between a human resistance and alien oppressors; Midnight Suns forgoes death in favor of scripted character interactions and more condensed fights.

Each is like two sides of the same coin, and if you’ve never played either you can’t go wrong flipping it and taking a gamble at whichever lands face up. If you can’t decide on just one though, both XCOM 2 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns are on sale on Steam until Thursday, March 7 at their lowest discount ever on Valve’s platform.

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While I adore both games I had a much better time with Midnight Suns, due to my affinity for superhero stuff and having found the more condensed play space and card system to tie together extraordinarily well.

You can snag XCOM 2 for 95% off and Marvel’s Midnight Suns at 75% off, so expect to pay $2.99 / £1.74 and $14.99 / £12.49 respectively. You can find XCOM 2 here, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns here as well.

We also gave both games a staggering 9/10 in our XCOM 2 review and Marvel’s Midnight Suns review, so if you’re on the fence and need a little push, check out what we had to say back when each game launched.

Depending on which game you end up diving into, we’ve got a Midnight Suns characters tier list and comprehensive XCOM 2 tips to help you get started.

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