New Ubisoft FPS XDefiant doesn’t want to be a Call of Duty killer

XDefiant looks like a really promising FPS game from Ubisoft, but an EP on the team has talked about how it doesn't aim to be a Call of Duty killer.

New Ubisoft FPS XDefiant doesn't want to be a Call of Duty killer

XDefiant continues to look like a really promising FPS game that blends Ubisoft IPs like Splinter Cell, The Division, and more, but even Ubisoft itself doesn’t want to make a Call of Duty killer. As the XDefiant release date continues to loom and the most recent beta closes, an XDefiant executive producer weighs in on the CoD comparisons.

This comes after content creator Ryan Alexander tweeted: “Been really enjoying the XDefiant Beta. It’s a lot of fun. Anyone else been playing?” Before they directly asked executive producer Mark Rubin to extend the Beta over this weekend, adding “Wish people would stop referring to this as the ‘CoD killer’ though.”

Rubin then responded with “Me too,” echoing the sentiment that he doesn’t want XDefiant – Ubisoft’s crossover IP FPS game – to be too heavily compared to the Call of Duty series.

New Ubisoft FPS XDefiant doesn't want to be a Call of Duty killer

Rubin is currently an executive producer at Ubisoft, but he actually worked at Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward from 2005 to 2015 as well.

While an earlier XDefiant Beta was extended as Ubisoft thanked players for the massively positive reception, this current beta has only run for this weekend instead. While XDefiant won’t kill Call of Duty, we’ve already talked about how the longstanding shooter series could very well have a big rival in XDefiant, depending on launch and beyond.

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In fact, here’s what Rubin had to say about this weekend’s XDefiant beta tests as well: “Now we can sleep! But seriously, thank you, everyone, for taking part in the Beta test! Next week, we will be planning our next steps. Hope everyone had a great time and for those who couldn’t due to issues, I’m sorry. We will keep striving to be better. Thank you!”

We also learned a lot more about Ubisoft’s upcoming FPS during the summer of showcases, so you can find out everything there is to know about XDefiant before a full release.

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