XDefiant launches this summer, with an open beta coming soon

XDefiant is going to release later this summer, but you will not have to wait that long to get a taste of the PvP shooter's gameplay.

One of the most highly anticipated FPS games of the year is set to launch later this summer, and players looking to jump into XDefiant early will get to do just that. Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is hosting an open session later this month, open to all wanting to experience a few PvP rounds prior to the game’s full release. Following the feedback received after the end of its closed beta, Ubisoft has opted to hold another beta after taking improvements and weapon balancing updates into consideration and implementing them.

Ubisoft’s open session for XDefiant is set to take place between June 21 and June 23 this year. The beta will be open to all platforms, with the development team hoping to receive more feedback to make changes pre-release. Creative director Safy Saada has stated that “we’ll likely see some new faction balancing (particularly for Libertad) based on player feedback, as well as weapon balancing based on data we’ve collected from the Closed Beta.”

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Saada continued on, saying that the team is “committed to improving the game based on player feedback.” The goal of the open session for XDefiant is “to validate some of those key improvements we’ve made (mainly a new netcode and better input lag).” The emphasis on this beta round being open has been placed intentionally, as the developers hope that the game’s servers are seriously tested by the influx of players.

Ubisoft wants to know whether or not XDefiant’s servers are stable prior to its launch, using readings to adjust the final product as necessary. The release is coming later this summer, although a specific date has not yet been publicly stated. The competition is set to kick off with a six-week-long preseason, featuring the full brunt of launch content. The game will then move onto its first year, featuring regular content updates, including more new factions, weapons, and maps.

An image of XDefiant's roadmap plans: XDefiant launches this summer, with an open beta coming soon

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