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XDefiant launches to ongoing matchmaking issues, Ubisoft investigating

Ubisoft’s XDefiant has finally launched but matchmaking is causing problems for many, with unable to find match errors hitting FPS fans.

XDefiant launches to ongoing matchmaking issues, Ubisoft investigating: A character from XDefiant takes aim with their gun.

It’s hard to launch a new online game, as many can attest. Now, XDefiant has joined the ranks of titles like Diablo 3 in the launch issues genre, with many eager players being hit by matchmaking problems. Unlike some historical launch issues it is possible to log into the game, it’s just finding someone to play with that seems to be the issue.

Of course it would be miserly to complain too much about launch issues on a launch day. Most FPS game fans are probably well aware that there would be some teething issues, especially on day one. Though with a fair few alpha and beta tests previously released for XDefiant, there may have been an expectation that it would go a little smoother than this.

If you’re not aware of the current issues affecting XDefiant, it all hinges around the game’s matchmaking. Attempting to join or find any kind of match is resulting in error messages stating the game is “Unable to Find Match”. What’s fuelling some of the frustration is that some are able to get past this message and actually get into games, though it does appear to be a minority and is inconsistent. In addition, the Practice Zone for the game isn’t currently live, meaning there’s no alternative such as being able to sharpen your skills while you wait for the game’s issues to be resolved.

Thankfully Ubisoft is on the case, with a statement over X, formerly Twitter, letting players know the team is working on the problem. “We’re aware that some players are unable to join a game- please bear with us while we look into servers and matchmaking,” Ubisoft says in the initial post. “We are all focused on the matchmaking issue and are continuously investigating. We will continue to provide updates as possible.”

A series of tweets from Ubisoft stating it is working on the problem and will update players shortly.

At the moment serious fan anger seems to be mostly abated, with many on social media or the game’s subreddit merely voicing a little frustration or simply making jokes about the situation. With no indication of how long this issue will continue, however, it’s unsure at this time how much longer the current jovial mood will hold.

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Should you want to join the matchmaking queues and try your own hand at getting into the game, head over to the XDefiant site to pick up the game for yourself.

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