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XDefiant server status - is XDefiant down?

Ubisoft's shooter is out now, but you might be faced with XDefiant server and connection instability, as well as some annoying error codes.

XDefiant server status: a faction member wears a black mask against a teal background

Is XDefiant down? With Ubisoft’s newest shooter, which features factions based on its other franchises, now released, you might be wondering when you can get into the action. If you’re facing connectivity errors, it’s natural to consider whether it’s on Ubisoft’s side or yours.

If you’re struggling to get into XDefiant, take some time to read our XDefiant maps and XDefiant factions guides so you can learn more about the FPS while you wait, as well as all the known XDefiant error codes.

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XDefiant server status

The XDefiant servers are currently fluctuating, with players reporting difficulties maintaining a connection. Following planned maintenance, Ubisoft says there are no problems, but we can confirm we’re facing errors.

If you’re facing the message “Ubisoft services are temporarily unavailable. Please try again later” before even managing to open the game, refreshing the Ubisoft Connect client should work.

As is normal with a new game launch with huge demand, such as XDefiant, some server instability is to be expected. The XDefiant status page on Ubisoft’s help site doesn’t indicate any known issues at this time, so if you’re having an issue, it could be your own connection.

XDefiant error codes

Here are all the known XDefiant error codes:

  • MIKE-01 – This appears to be an error with the connection to the server. Other than checking your connection, there’s no specific fix other than waiting it out.
  • DELTA-01 – This error code seems to appear when the game isn’t able to communicate with the server. Generally, you’ll need to wait for Ubisoft to fix the issue on their end.
  • BRAVO-04 – The error here apparently has to do with the connection with your Ubisoft Connect account being lost. Reboot the game or restart your Ubisoft client to see if that sorts out the problem.
  • FOXTROT-05 – This is either another code to indicate that the connection has been lost to Ubisoft’s servers or that there are too many players trying to access the game. Close down the game and restart it to see if this fixes it.
  • ECHO – Any number on the side of this error code means the servers have been shut down, so you’ll need to wait for them to come back online.
  • UNIFORM-01 – If you encounter this error code, the fix seems to be to reset your password. You’ll otherwise not be able to connect to the servers.

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