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XDefiant nerfing annoying player behavior to find a “sweet spot”

Ubisoft is looking at nerfing spammy player behavior in XDefiant, as the Call of Duty rival continues to find its own meta and playstyle.

XDefiant spam nerfs: a woman with short black hair adjusting green night vision goggles with her right hand

XDefiant developer Ubisoft is looking at ways of mitigating “spamming behavior” in the multiplayer FPS, with techniques like jump shotting being rebalanced to stop overuse while still encouraging players to master the Call of Duty rival’s movement. With the shooter still in the early days, there are going to be lots of changes, fixes, and improvements to help balance out the overall meta, so I wouldn’t expect this rebalance to be the last one we see.

This comes from former Call of Duty esports player and current XDefiant developer Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price, who outlines how spam behavior like jump shotting has no place in the FPS game, with Ubisoft looking at penalizing players for doing it.

Price shares an older post of theirs from during the XDefiant beta which highlights the weapon sway mechanic that is designed to prevent spamming. However, Price also outlines how the team also doesn’t want to “limit the player from utilizing great movement.”

XDefiant spam nerfs: a tweet from a Ubisoft dev about jump shotting

“We do intend to penalize players for too many repeated jumps and crouches by adding aim sway,” Price says in a follow-up on X, formerly Twitter. “This was disabled after our tests while we made some needed improvements and unfortunately did not make it in time for launch. But rest assured we will get this in as soon as possible. We absolutely want players to use all mechanics in our game and not feel restricted – but there’s a sweet spot between intended use and spam and we want to get that right.”

To that end, Ubisoft is currently working on a balanced way to stop jump shotting and other movement spamming while still rewarding and encouraging high-tech movement and mastery of gameplay. This means that the sway punishment has been removed while it’s tweaked, but it is coming back to XDefiant.

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One player replies to Price, calling the beta’s sway mechanic “wonky” and too easy to trigger by accident. Price replies, “Hence why we disabled to make the improvements.”

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