FromSoftware’s next game hinted to be Armoured Core via job listing

After Elden Ring, FromSoftware's next game could be a return to Armored Core, as some job listings sound suspiciously close to the mecha series

FromSoftware’s next game hinted to be Armoured Core via job listing: giant mecha takes up most of the screen with a massive gun

After making one of the best open-world games in Elden Ring, what is FromSoftware’s next game going to be? The studio behind the likes of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro spurred on the Souls-like genre all on its own, and rumours have been circulating that it may be returning its third-person shooter mecha series next, Armored Core. Now, it looks like we have even more proof this could be the case.

FromSoftware’s next game might have just been revealed thanks to some job listings for the developer, as they mention specific requirements that seem awfully like whoever gets the job will be working on Armored Core, or something very similar.

Armored Core could even be in its “final stages“, as FromSoftware recently said as much about its next game. In fact, the developer recent had a rebrand of its website that focused on Armored Core, further hinting towards a reveal.

After putting a job listing for a character designer through Google translate, the page makes multiple mentions of the word “mecha”, a genre of media that focuses on giant robots and machines. The applicant “will be in charge of a wide range of designs related to characters and mecha” and propose “visual images and creation of setting images according to the game concept for characters (persons, creatures), mecha, items (weapons, equipment, etc.),” as spotted by Tech4Gamers.

So, how exactly does this relate to Armored Core? Well, FromSoftware’s next game could be part of the series because the studio has developed Armored Core games since 1997, with the last releasing in 2013, just as Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls took off and found eager audiences. Until From makes an official announcement, though, it’s all still speculation.

There’s also a job listing for an environmental modeler, but that doesn’t give away nearly as much about what FromSoftware’s next game could be.

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