Adata just announced cottagecore DDR5 gaming RAM

Adata has new DDR4 and DDR5 gaming RAM modules on the way, and the latter features limited edition design that could turn your rig into a cottagecore gaming PC

Adata DDR5 ACE gaming RAM against a blue background

Adata just unveiled new gaming RAM modules, and its new DDR5 sticks give us major cottagecore vibes. The company’s new limited edition heatsink design looks like it belongs in a Beatrix Potter gaming PC, but its specs would give Peter Rabbit’s rig a nice performance boost.

In a press release shared by Videocardz, Adata details its new DDR4 and DDR5 gaming RAM. Dubbed ACE 3600 DDR4 and ACE 6400 DDR5, the memory modules are designed with creators in mind, featuring XMP overclocking support and compatibility with the latest Intel and AMD CPU platforms. As both names suggest, the new DDR5 RAM sticks can reach 6,400 Mega Transfers per second, while the DDR4 alternative clocks in at 3,600.

Hand installing Adata DDR5 ACE RAM in motherboard

While the ACE 3600 looks like an ordinary stick of memory, Adata’s ACE 6400 DDR5 is clad with bold, floral artwork, something that’ll help you live out your cottagecore fantasies within your PC case. Created by German pattern designer Mister Fred, the limited edition heatsink art is characterised “by crooked lines, bold colors and quirky expressions,” all of which provide the PC part with a unique ‘Secret Garden’ style.

The gaming PC scene is abundant with flashy RGB parts and sleek black designs, so it’s nice to see something arrive without a tropey aesthetic. Of course, you’ll need the best PC case to actually appreciate the gaming RAM module’s bold cottagecore look, and connecting it to your motherboard could still obscure your view.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to build a rig to suit a gaming desk with countryside vibes, Adata’s new RAM could make for a good starting point. It might also pair nicely with Powercolor’s Sakura Edition AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT, even if the pink GPU is more kawaii than cottagecore.