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Best AFK Journey team comps for each mode

The optimal AFK Journey team comps include a tank, DPS, healer, and secondary, and here are the meta teams for every playable mode.

A beast-like character from AFK Journey looking forward.

April 4, 2024: We’ve further scrutinised the best AFK Journey team comps for all modes.

What is the best AFK Journey team? With tactical, team-based combat split across multiple modes, the gacha elements of this cross-platform RPG will ultimately decide the party you’re able to piece together. Strength lies in the characters you own, those you bring into battle, and how you use them. That’s where this guide comes in.

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An older AFK Journey goat-like character.

What are the best AFK Journey teams?

By weighing up rarity, role, and long-term potential, we’ve pieced together a list of the best AFK Journey party comp setups for running through the story, the Dream Realm mode, and the assorted PVP games.

Early on, when high-tier characters are scarce, you’re going to need to rely on characters that are easy to obtain and aren’t bottom-of-the-barrel in their respective roles. You don’t want to waste resources on units that quickly drop off in strength.

Early-game teams also benefit heavily from the Faction bonus that kicks in when three units of the same faction fight side-by-side. Consider this when deciding how to fill your roles and take note of whether they belong to the Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders, Hypogeans, Celestials, or Graveborn.

Best party comps for story mode

The low-stakes story mode of AFK Journey means you’re free to experiment here without consequence. It’s where you’ll play around with double tank teams, run second healers, or try a high-damage sweep setup. It’s where some of the more common characters can shine.

Here’s the best AFK Journey party comp to run early on through the story: 

  • Tank: Thoran
  • DPS: Cecia
  • Healer: Rowan
  • Secondary: Smokey (Healer), Antandra (Tank), Brutus, Silvina, Viperion (DPS)

During the early game moments and story progression, you’ll largely want to stick to a simple tank, healer, DPS combo. The DPS role is usually best left to Cecia. She’s a high-tier character you can obtain easily, with dupes typically not far behind giving her an extra boost.

After that, your final two slots are flexible. How you fill them will depend on the composition you go up against. If your team tends to fold as soon as your tank goes down, consider either a second healer, crowd-control support, or even another tank.

Run a team of at least three Graveborn to really power through it. Thoran and Cecia are essential. Finish things off with Viperian, Silvina, or both in the secondary DPS positions. Rowan is still the best healer to choose here.

An ethereal AFK Journey character.

Best party comps for Dream Realm mode

Because the Dream Realm boss switches each day, the best party comp for it in AFK Journey is flexible and fluid, with only a few units making sense regardless of the target.

Here’s how to build your team comp for the Dream Realm fights in AFK Journey:

  • Tank: Thoran, Temesia
  • DPS: Marilee, Kruger, Odie
  • Healer: Smokey & Meerky, Reinier
  • Secondary: Cecia, Vala, Shakir, Cassaee (DPS), Koko, Damien (Support), Lucius (Tank)

In Dream Realm, Smokey & Meerky is the support unit you want for almost every fight. They fall off a little against the Yeti, but that’s it. If you don’t have them, Cassadee may fill in.

When it comes to high-damage options, things are a little easier. Cecia still plays well, but Marilee, Kruger, and Odie are the better picks if you can bring them along. If you don’t have one of the two better tank options, Lucius can work with enough upgrades.

Best party comps for PVP mode

PVP is where AFK Journey party comps are more flexible. Units you don’t typically see are relatively common here. There’s room for new tanks to take hold, and you might even need to run two to keep up with a meta pick. At least unconventional DPS picks perform well.

While you use your own units in Arena, the Honor Duel PVP mode allows you to use units you haven’t unlocked. This can be a great way to practice team-building, strategy, and unit synergy.

Here are the best PVP team comps to run in AFK Journey early on:

  • Tank: Thoran
  • DPS: Eironn, Silvina, Lyca
  • Healer: Reinier, Rowan
  • Secondary: Koko, Hewynn (Support), Shakir, Vala, Cecia, Viperian (DPS), Themesia, Antandra (Tank)

Without Thoran, you’ll generally struggle in PVP. Antandara, who’s easy to get, can work for a while, but you’ll generally struggle against Thoran matchups regardless.

When it comes to DPS and Healer/Support picks, though, things are more fluid compared to some other game modes. Units like Lyca and Silvina perform well in the DPS role, with Rowan keeping up with Reinier in the support slots.

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