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Age of Empires 4 patch nerfs Khans and mangonels

A small server side patch for Age of Empires 4 makes some adjustments to limit siege builds and rein in the Khan's ability to harass anyone in the game

Mongol horse archers ride across the steppe in a video found in Age of Empires 4.

There’s a new patch out today for Age of Empires IV, but you won’t need to download an update for the medieval RTS game. Instead, this small update is all going down server-side, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t include some impactful changes. This update makes some key adjustments to a few units and the matchmaking system, so you’ll want to know what’s changed before you start your next game.

Some of Age of Empires IV’s core siege units are getting updated to discourage siege-heavy builds and push the units back toward their primary purpose. Rams now have an additional +100 damage bonus against walls, which should make them more useful in the early to mid-game. Meanwhile, mangonels have had their area of effect radius reduced from 1.25 tiles to 0.75 tiles.

Monks’ movement speed is getting a boost, from 1 to 1.12 tiles per second. However, once they pick up a relic, they’re now 25% slower. Villagers, meanwhile, will ignore attacks and carry on harvesting resources when that happens – what absolute champions.

For the Mongols, the Khan unit has gotten an important nerf. Originally, the Khan could freely harass almost any unit in the game, and it has some special advantages over other mounted archers – Khans can fire on the move, and they respawn for free. The update reduces the Khan’s weapon range to 5.5 in the Feudal, Castle, and Imperial ages. It also reduces weapon damage (Feudal and Castle ages), and melee and ranged armour values (Castle age).

The Abbasid Dynasty’s ranged cavalry is getting a bit of a nerf, too. Camel archers will be slightly slower and have had their health values reduced.

The other major change in this server-side patch is to the matchmaking system in quick match. Going forward, you should run across players more closely matched to your ELO score. The new system should be added to ranked multiplayer soon, the developers say.

Speaking of which, season one of Age of Empires IV’s ranked multiplayer kicked off this month, so polish those pikes up and head out to the battlefield if you’ve gotten a bit rusty since launch.