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How long is Alan Wake 2?

Here’s how long it takes to beat Alan Wake 2 according to creative director Sam Lake, so you can set aside the length of time it takes to experience the story.

How long is Alan Wake 2: FBI agent Saga Anderson sits in her home, shrouded in darkness as she researches Alan Wake and the events of Bright Falls.

How long is Alan Wake 2? Remedy’s ambitious follow-up to the action-horror cult hit is a story-driven horror game with a twist, as you control two characters whose narratives intersect at key moments. Alan Wake 2 is set to keep you entertained for longer than Control, Max Payne, or any other videogame in Remedy’s back catalog. So, if you’re curious about exactly how much time you need to set aside to beat it, we can help.

Speaking to PCGamesN ahead of the Alan Wake 2 release date, Sam Lake clarifies during a Gamescom interview exactly why the long-awaited detective game couldn’t have been made earlier, going on to explain that Alan Wake 2 is in part an homage to Remedy’s own creative history. That’s a lot of ground to cover, so here’s exactly how long to beat Alan Wake 2, whether you’re a diehard completionist or just want to experience the story.

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How long is Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 is over 20 hours in length. This is according to creative director Sam Lake, who confirms that it’s the longest game that Remedy has made in the studio’s history – taking over twice as long to beat than either Alan Wake or Control.

“I think that with Remedy games, if we go back through the whole history, being very story-focused games, have traditionally been quite short, like 10 hours or so,” Lake says on the Kinda Funny podcast. “We have always internally felt that we need to find ways to do longer games, because it’s just like, people are looking at it from a value of money perspective as well, too. So Control certainly was our longest game to date, and Alan Wake 2 is going to be longer than that, 20 hours plus.”

Lake also discusses one of the core differences between the first Alan Wake and the sequel. “Alan Wake was very much an action-adventure with some horror elements in it, while now we’re diving deep into survival horror. I think horror overall is having this golden time. It used to be niche, in some ways, and now there is a much wider audience that is excited about horror.”

Now that you know the length of time it takes to beat Alan Wake 2, be sure to check out Alan Wake 2’s combat, which dodges the original’s biggest problem. We’ve also got the latest news on the Alan Wake 2 Steam version, as well as whether you can expect Alan Wake 2 on Game Pass any time soon. Finally, if you’re one of the many fans embracing Alan Wake 2’s spookier side, take a look at the best horror games to get your hair raising.