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Is Alan Wake 2 on Steam?

Find out if Alan Wake 2 is on Steam, as well as which digital storefronts it’s available on if you’re looking to purchase the cinematic action-thriller on PC.

Is Alan Wake 2 on Steam: FBI agent Alex Casey converses with protagonist Saga Anderson in the woods surrounding Bright Falls.

Is Alan Wake 2 on Steam? Valve’s digital storefront is the go-to platform for the vast majority of players on PC, though exclusivity deals can sometimes prohibit certain titles from reaching the platform until a certain amount of time has lapsed.

Exclusivity is particularly common during deals struck with Epic Games, the publisher of Alan Wake 2, so you might be wondering if the survival game is on Steam. Now the Alan Wake 2 release date has passed, here’s what you need to know about where the psychological horror game can be found, whether it’s on Steam yet, and, if not, when it might be.

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Is Alan Wake 2 on Steam?

Alan Wake 2 is not on Steam right now, and may not appear on the platform in the future. Publisher Epic Games owns the distribution rights, so PC players can purchase Alan Wake 2 exclusively on the Epic Games Store for now.

The original Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are both available on Steam, but these previous entries in the series were published by Windows Game Studios. This also applies to Control, the most recent installment in the Remedy Connected Universe, published by 505 Games.

However, Alan Wake Remastered is published by Epic Games and is still only available on the Epic Games Store two years after its initial release. This suggests that Alan Wake 2 may never be available on Steam, or at least not for the foreseeable future.

Now that you know the latest news on the Alan Wake 2 Steam version, find out how long Alan Wake 2 is before you take the leap into the Dark Place. PCGamesN also got peek behind the curtain of Remedy’s design process in our exclusive Alan Wake 2 Gamescom interview with Sam Lake. Finally, if you can’t wait to get your hands on the horror game, check out everything we know about Alan Wake 2 on Game Pass, and try your luck at Nvidia’s Alan Wake 2 GPU giveaway while you’re at it.