Is Alan Wake 2 on Game Pass?

Find out whether Alan Wake 2 is on Game Pass or if you have to open your wallet in order to experience the next installment of the troubled writer’s story.

Is Alan Wake 2 on Game Pass: FBI agent Saga Anderson glances over her shoulder, ensconsed in the woods surrounding Bright Falls.

Is Alan Wake 2 on Game Pass? It’s been over a decade since the eponymous crime novelist was first trapped in the Dark Place, and after the events of Control’s AWE DLC, the long-awaited sequel to Remedy’s action thriller is at the top of our wishlist. If you’re a Game Pass user, you might be wondering if you can expect to pick it up as part of your subscription, and we’re here to set the record straight.

In PCGamesN’s own Alan Wake 2 Gamescom interview with Sam Lake, we learned exactly why it’s taken so long for our favorite crime fiction writer to make his return in the Remedy Connected Universe. However, if you’re planning on taking the sequel for a spin using Microsoft’s popular subscription service immediately following the Alan Wake 2 release date, you may well be out of luck. So, is Alan Wake 2 coming to Game Pass, or will you have to purchase the horror game outright in order to play it?

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Is Alan Wake 2 on Game Pass?

Alan Wake 2 is not on Game Pass, and given that publisher Epic Games owns distribution rights, it’s unlikely to appear on the platform in the future.

While Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s Undead Nightmare have both appeared on Game Pass in the past, this is in part due to both entries being published by Windows Game Studios. In contrast, Alan Wake Remastered falls under the same publishing deal struck between developer Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games as Alan Wake 2, and has never appeared on the platform since its release in 2021.

Thankfully, Alan Wake 2 is cheap on PC, though that is due to being digital only – at least for the time being. If you’re feeling lucky, be sure to enter Nvidia’s Alan Wake 2 GPU giveaway to be in with a chance to win a copy of the detective game. We’ve also got confirmation of Alan Wake 2’s length from creative director Sam Lake himself, who teased that the sequel is the longest in the studio’s history.