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Where to find the Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key

Searching for the Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key is, sadly, not as simple as rummaging around nearby trash, but does require 100% completion.

Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key: Saga is in her mind palace, which looks like a Swedish lodge.

Where do you find the Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key? During the course of Saga’s journey to find out just what’s happening in Cauldron Lake and the nearby town of Bright Falls, you may stumble across a lighthouse east of the trailer park in in Watery, WA. However, no matter how enticing the contents inside might be, there’s pretty much no way you can get inside as the door is locked.

No problem, you might think. After all, the Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key must be nearby, right? I’m afraid that it’s not as simple as locating the key nearby. You’ll have to explore all of the horror game‘s many areas as Saga, collecting caches along the way. Of course, you’ll need all the Alan Wake 2 weapons and the Alan Wake 2 Words of Power to get past all the Taken in one piece.

Saga is looking in vain at the Alan Wake 2 lighthouse for the key location.

Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key location

You will find the Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key after unlocking all 22 Cultist Stashes. When you open the last one, you’ll also get the lighthouse key and the other items that the stash normally contains.

These stashes are only findable while playing as Saga, and some are locked behind progression. To make it simpler for you to keep track, there are five cult stashes in Cauldron Lake, nine in Bright Falls, and eight in Watery, WA.

With that, you should now be able to return and unlock the door with the Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key. Inside, you’ll find some consumables, but the main attraction is the Manuscript Pages, which are required for 100% completion. Speaking of which, you may find the Alan Wake 2 rifle location, Alan Wake 2 shotgun code, and Alan Wake 2 crossbow locations helpful in your quest.