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Cult RPG from Fallout New Vegas devs has returned, DRM-free

Five years after being delisted, Obsidian's Alpha Protocol is available once again, now on GOG.com with a few nice modern updates.

Obsidian Entertainment has been making beloved RPGs for decades now, but for the past five years, one of them has been AWOL. Alpha Protocol, a stealth RPG about a rogue secret agent named Michael Thornton, was delisted from digital storefronts when its music licenses expired. Now it’s back, soundtrack and all, and available DRM-free on GOG.com.

Alpha Protocol is a kind of Jason Borne-meets-Mass Effect action RPG game that has a globe-trotting story full of secret agents and conspiracies. While Thornton has access to a range of traditional, customizable weapons, he can also use stealth and martial arts, taking down enemies non-lethally and silently.

Given that RPGs typically only let us pick between fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and far-distant science fiction settings, Alpha Protocol feels like the beginning of an evolutionary arm of the genre that was never fully explored, and it’s worth putting up with some of that good old-fashioned Obsidian jankiness to experience this more present day setting and story.

Sega’s license to the game’s music expired in 2019, and so it’s been unavailable digitally since then. Fortunately, GOG has swept in and revived this cult classic, soundtrack and all. This updated version also supports all modern controllers and has achievements to earn, too.

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GOG also teamed up with YouTuber Lucas Raycevick to make a documentary about the game’s rerelease, which you can watch above.

You’ll find the DRM-free version of Alpha Protocol over on GOG right now, with a 10% launch discount for the next couple of weeks.

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