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Sorry AMD, looks like ASRock is cooking up an Intel Arc GPU

ASRock usually makes AMD Radeon GPUs, but a new video suggests it's conjuring an Intel Arc A380 graphics card, and it seemingly also has other gaming PC plans

hands holding ASRock Intel ARC GPU over motherboard

ASRock is known for its AMD Radeon graphics cards, but the board partner is apparently cooking up an Intel Arc GPU. Video footage reveals a new ASRock Arc A380 that seemingly marks the end of the company’s red team exclusivity, and the firm has other plans for the gaming PC industry too.


Shared via Billibilli, the ASRock Intel Arc A380 video gives us a glimpse at the AIB partner GPU, including its shroud design and cooling setup (via Wccftech). The custom card appears to feature a single fan and takes up dual slots within a PC case, and a bold side logo means you won’t mistake it for an AMD card.

The clip doesn’t delve into the ASRock GPU’s specs or SKU information, but it’s equipped with an 8-pin power connector. This suggests it’ll require the same amount of juice as the Gunnir Intel Arc A380, which comes with a 75W TDP.

hands holding ASRock Intel ARC GPU over motherboard
Image Credit: Billibilli

Intel Arc GPUs almost feel like vapourware at this point – or at least that’s the case if you’re not living in China. Yet, there are signs that the graphics card lineup might become a current-gen battalion, as overclocking the Arc A380 boosts Doom Eternal fps by 60% compared to out-of-the-box settings.

The blue team is also set to dip its toes in the higher spec stream soon, as it says the launch of Intel Arc A770 and A750 cards is in sight. The company likely won’t trade blows with Nvidia RTX 4000 and AMD RDNA 3 contenders when they arrive, but if it manages to get over its driver issues and global availability woes, its ambitions to release a new graphics card every year until 2025 could still become a reality.

As for ASRock, making the best graphics cards isn’t the only item on its agenda, as it looks like it’s preparing to enter the gaming monitor fold. According to reliable leaker Momomo_us, the manufacturer is conjuring up 4K and 1440p options, and both will pack AMD FreeSync Premium support.