AMD FSR 2.0 launches today and can now be used in Deathloop

The latest revision of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution has finally come to combat Nvidia DLSS and help boost the performance of Radeon and GeForce GPUs alike

AMD FSR 2.0: Colt, the protagonist from Deathloop, stands against an orange background

Following its reveal earlier this year, AMD FSR 2.0 has finally arrived in on the gaming PC scene, with team red hoping its revamped upscaler can usurp Nvidia DLSS from its throne. This launch is limited to Deathloop in terms of supported titles, but more will arrived “in the coming months.”

In case you missed the memo, AMD FSR 2.0 is a much improved version of FidelityFX Super Resolution. It swaps out the spatial upscaling approach of old for a temporal one, allowing you to boost fps with decidedly higher fidelity images. Better still, the technology is still GPU agnostic, meaning that you don’t need one of Nvidia’s best graphics cards to use it.

However, AMD has recommended using more powerful pixel pushers to run AMD FSR 2.0 and so some ageing systems may fall behind. That said, as AMD and Nvidia GPU prices edge ever closer to MSRP, this may be as good a reason as any to upgrade your system.

Other videogames including Farming Simulator 2022 and Microsoft Flight Simulator have already announced support for AMD FSR 2.0, so expect patches in due course.

Looking to the future, Forspoken will also benefit from AMD FSR 2.0 and AMD says that “additional details will be provided when available” when it comes to other games.