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AMD is prepping Integer Scaling for its Radeon graphics card drivers

Recent Linux driver patches point to the integer scaling feature coming into an upcoming Adrenalin driver release

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition

AMD is preparing to add integer scaling into its graphics drivers, if the recent linux driver patches are anything to go by. There are multiple entries in the patch archives for October showing AMD devs working to implement the oft-requested feature, and with the big AMD Adrenalin driver update likely to drop in December I wouldn’t be surprised if integer scaling was one of the new features being prepped for it.

Integer scaling is maybe not the most exciting of graphics features from a high-fidelity perspective, but it means player low-fidelity games at high resolutions no longer looks like you’ve lathered Vaseline over your monitor. We love a pixel art game, but running them on a 1440p screen can look kinda rubbish, which is why both Intel and Nvidia have now introduced integer scaling, a feature that sharpens up visuals and leaves that telltale blocky image without the driver trying to smooth it all out.

Intel announced it was adding integer scaling to its drivers first, and Nvidia followed a couple months back, while AMD has remained pretty quiet on the whole thing. That’s despite the integer scaling topping the list of requested features…

If you check out the most recent AMD Adrenalin feedback page, you can see that GPU-based integer scaling is the most-requested feature, with nearly half of all the votes cast. AMD is obviously listening because if you check back through October’s Linux driver patches (via @0x22h) there are multiple instances of patches going into the drivers referencing integer scaling.

The most recent, on Hallowe’en in fact, references the desire to “guarantee integer scaling ratio for all scaling modes.” And if that isn’t confirmation that AMD is dropping the feature into its next big driver update then I’ll dress my son up like a pumpkin.

Nvidia Integer Scaling

Nvidia’s version is accessible via the Nvidia Control Panel, and Intel’s version is in its Intel Graphics Command Center, though sadly is only enabled on Gen11 GPUs onwards. But hey, at least the Intel Xe GPUs will get it…